In January 2015 Tim officially started his company: De Leeuw: research, teaching and consultancy company (in Dutch: De Leeuw: onderzoek, onderwijs en adviesbureau). The company is registered by the chamber of commerce in Eindhoven, The Netherlands under registration nr: KVK 62188305.

Via this company Tim provides academic support for organizations and researchers. His obtained knowledge and skills with regard to research, inter- and intra organizational relations and innovation, could be of added value to your organization as well. Do not hesitate to contact Tim.

Some example of successful projects for organizations:

  • Seminars on inter-organizational relations and innovation for industry associations and MKB companies (together with Wissenraet Van Spaendonck).
  • In company trainings like research methods, data analytics, working with Stata, working with SPSS.
  • The development and improvement of the face validity of academically valid questions and answers for surveys to measure a wide range of organizational aspects (both internal and external).
  • Conducting and analyzing extensive pre-tests of surveys to improve the quality of these surveys.
  • Psychometric analyses to validate groups of questions (e.g., do a group of the questions measure one element, due to factor analyses, reliability analyses).
  • Developing scoring scales based on the answers given by respondents on surveys.
  • Providing analyses and reports on datasets.
  • Combining multiple datasets into one dataset for analyses.
  • Providing seminars and lectures on research related topics.