Work experience



-2020-Current: Associate Professor, Academic Director part-time Master of Business Administration (MSc-BA) at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University.

-2018-Current: Associate Professor, Chairmen of the Examination Board at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University.

-2016-2019: Associate Professor, Director PhD division (tenured) and member of the management team (full-time) at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University. Tim managed the PhD division and with a team of colleagues, also multiple PhD teaching programs. He developed courses, give lectures, monitors the progress of the candidates, and supervises a number of PhD candidates.

2015-Current: Director of: De Leeuw: research, teaching and consultancy company
Providing workshops for executive PhD candidates (Antwerp School of Management) and supporting organizations with development of surveys, data analyses and interpretation.

2013-2016: Senior scientific researcher (full-time) in a project funded by the national science foundation (NWO-TOP). The project aims to identify success factors of entrepreneurship and is called: “High Performance in the Networked Creative Industry: The role of ambition and collaboration.” At Tilburg University, within the Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

Teaching: 1) Executive PhD candidates (TIAS NIMBAS). 2) Bachelor and master students: in the courses Corporate Entrepreneurship and Creative Entrepreneurship. 3) Supervisor of Master graduation projects.

2010-2014: PhD candidate (full-time) at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM) group, within the department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences.

Dissertation title: “Collaboration and You: The Performance Implications and the Antecedents of Diversity in Inter-Organizational Relations Portfolios”. Promotor: prof.dr. Geert Duysters and prof.dr. Ronald Mahieu.

Additionally, multiple educational activities like teaching and supervising end projects of the minor Entrepreneurship and Innovation (6 ECTS), multiple times: Best performing teacher; supervising Bachelor graduation projects (8 ECTS); multiple invited guest lectures.

2007-2016: Specialist data analytics, process and system integration (part-time) at Mansveld Expotech B.V. Additionally, coordinating and partly executing multiple improvement projects.

2005-2007: Chairman (part-time) of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences Student Council. Project example: research on student satisfaction, number of respondents 13,000. Working on the rules and regulations (OER).

2004-2008: Multiple organizational projects (part-time) at different organizations, during Technical Business Engineering including market research, cost reductions, innovation process, order flows, stock reliability.

1999-2015: ICT and Audio Video technician (freelance). Multiple international organizations and consumers. Advising clients and solving problems with computer and AV systems, software, networks and related equipment. Example Philips IFA in Berlin, yearly from 2007 till 2016.


Other skills:

  • Big data: Multiple papers based on extensive data work on large MySQL databases, scraping and parsing over 550,000 company websites;
  • Survey development, distribution and personalized benchmark reporting (e.g., > 9,000 responses of Dutch Organizations on entrepreneurship and alliances);
  • Extensive experience with (big)secondary databases like: Thomson one, SDC platinum, Venture Expert, Compustat, USPTO, NBER, Eurostat Community Innovation Survey;
  • Extensive experience with statistical software like Stata and SPSS;
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office, including scripting;
  • Development and user experience with Microsoft Dynamics / Navision (ERP-software);
  • Team leader: BedrijfsHulpVerlening (first aid, fire, and evacuation), since 2011.