• Co-promotor of the following PhD candidates: Daniel Martinez Martin (started in 2014), Joshua Burgher (started in 2016), Ivan Pouwels (started in 2016);
        • Associate Editor, Journal of Cleaner Production, special issue “Innovative Products and Services for Sustainable Societal Development”, mainly theme 6: “Open innovation and collaboration for sustainable societal development”;
        • Paper presentations (incl. conference proceedings), member, and reviewer for the Academy of Management conferences (from 2012 onwards);
        • Member of the Swiss Strategy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Researchers (swissSIER), from 2012 onwards, and financial auditor (from 2014 onwards);
        • Organizer of the International Conference on Innovation and Management, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2012);
        • Paper presentations (incl. conference proceedings), and co-organizer of the International Conference on Innovation and Management: Kuala Lumpur, Malesia (2016); Wuhan, China (2015); Vaasa, Finland (2014); Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013); Kitakyushu, Japan (2011); Wuhan, China (2010);
        • Reviewer for a number of journals including: Academy of Management Journal; Journal of Management Studies; British Journal of Management; European Management Journal; Journal of Business research; Management Decision; Journal of Engineering and Technology Management; Journal of Strategy and Management; Journal on Chain and Network Science; Industry and Innovation etc.